Who We Are

Scientists and doctors revolutionizing therapies for difficult diseases

At Chimerix, we are committed to developing medicines to meaningfully improve the probability of survival for people facing deadly diseases. By taking a differentiated approach to addressing difficult-to-treat diseases, we are accelerating the delivery of better treatments to make a bigger impact and rewrite the odds for patients. With a current focus in oncology and biodefense, we are devoted to filling gaps in the treatment paradigm where there is critical need.

What we value


We make commitments and live up to them. By empowering individuals to take ownership and harnessing the agility of our organization, we are able to deliver on our promises of quality, value and timeliness.


We are entrepreneurs who leverage both scientific ingenuity and business expertise to develop creative solutions that transform our industry.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical behavior, demonstrating honesty, fairness, and professionalism in every action that we take.


We embrace unique talents, honor diverse life and work styles, value the contributions of others, and treat everyone with dignity.


We promote an environment of trust and conduct ourselves with openness and candor in order to foster collaboration throughout our organization.