Research Programs

Our core scientific assets, the Lipid-Antiviral-Conjugate Technology and the Chimerix Chemical Library, provide us with a rich source for new drug leads.   The Chimerix Chemical Library is especially well-suited to discovering novel inhibitors of viral polymerases and helicases.   Screening is ongoing for antivirals to treat CMV, BKV, dengue, influenza A and B, respiratory syncytia virus and hepatitis B virus.

Scientific Foundation

Our pipeline is fueled by two proprietary sources derived from the innovations of renowned antiviral scientists. Our Lipid-Antiviral-Conjugate Technology was originally developed by Karl Hostetler, M.D., Professor of Medicines at the University of California, San Diego and a leading expert in the field of infectious disease. The Conjugate Technology is used to modify a drug molecule so that it mimics a naturally occurring phospholipid. Read More