HIV therapies have advanced substantially in recent years, yet HIV can develop resistance to all current agents and significant drug side effects remain an issue for many patients.  Tenofovir (marketed in a prodrug form by Gilead as Viread®) is one of the most widely used antiretrovirals and is part of the Truvada® and Atripla® fixed-dose combinations.  Tenofovir has also been associated with renal toxicity and resistance can be conferred by a single mutation.  

CMX157, a nucleotide analog, is being developed as an antiviral therapy against HIV.  We believe CMX157 has the potential to be less nephrotoxic than tenofovir based on in vitro data showing CMX157 is not a substrate for the membrane pumps that secrete tenofovir into kidney cells.  Combined with high in vitro potency against all common NRTI-resistant HIV genotypes, this suggests CMX157 could be a best-in-class antiretroviral with the potential to address an estimated worldwide market of $1 billion. 

Clinical Trials

Chimerix has completed a Phase 1 clinical study of orally-administered CMX001 in 84 healthy volunteers. The blinded, randomized, parallel-group, placebo-controlled study evaluated the safety and pharmacokinetics of single and multiple doses of CMX001. CMX001 was well tolerated at all doses. In addition, CMX001 was well absorbed after oral dosing, with dose-dependent pharmacokinetics. Read More

Licensing Opportunities

Chimerix has amassed an unusual breadth of assets with considerable potential in antiviral innovation, including our Lipid-Antiviral-Conjugate Technology and the Chimerix Chemical Library. The combination of our team’s internal antiviral product expertise with a number of internally-generated leads against several important viruses allows us the flexibility to pursue out-licensing or co-development partners for our emergent antiviral medicines. Read More