We have established a strong intellectual property (IP) portfolio comprised of numerous U.S. and international patents.  Our IP estate protects our technology and biological insights, our research and development candidates, and the investment the company and its shareholders have made in pioneering and developing its technologies. 

Chimerix is the owner or exclusive licensee of over 20 issued patents covering our Lipid-Antiviral-Conjugate Technology.  Chimerix continues to refine the Lipid-Antiviral-Conjugate Technology and file new provisional applications.  We also have composition of matter patents covering each of the compounds based on our Lipid-Antiviral-ConjugateTechnology.

We also have exclusive licenses to 12 U.S. patents covering the Chimerix Chemical Library (formerly the Townsend Chemical Library) from the University of Michigan.  The Chimerix Chemical Library is a unique collection of diverse small molecules encompassing 10,000+ heterocyclic compounds and nucleoside analogues.