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Our pipeline is fueled by two proprietary sources derived from the innovations of renowned antiviral scientists.

Our Lipid-Antiviral-Conjugate Technology was originally developed by Karl Hostetler, M.D., Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego and a leading expert in the field of infectious disease.  The Conjugate Technology is used to modify a drug molecule so that it mimics a naturally occurring phospholipid.  The lipid mimic can then utilize natural uptake pathways enabling oral bioavailability.  Unlike traditional prodrugs, the lipid conjugates are not cleaved until after they enter cells, thereby enhancing delivery of the antiviral to the site of viral replication and decreasing systemic exposure.  This technology has been used to create CMX001 and CMX157, with the goal of enabling bioavailability, reducing toxicity and improving activity.  

We also have exclusive rights to the Chimerix Chemical Library (formerly the Townsend Chemical Library,) which includes approximately 10,000+ compounds, including a large number of nucleoside analogs.  The Chimerix Chemical Library represents 40 years of research effort led by Leroy Townsend, Ph.D., of the University of Michigan to design and synthesize structurally and mechanistically diverse chemical agents.  Chimerix has identified potent nucleoside analogue drug candidates against hepatitis C virus (HCV), and compounds with activity against influenza, and malaria.  We are currently screening for leads against dengue virus and tuberculosis.