Making Progress Towards
Uncompromised Protection

In addition to developing innovative antiviral therapeutics for the prevention of cytomegalovirus (CMV) and treatment of adenovirus in patient populations with weakened immune systems, we see significant opportunities for expansion into other viral diseases that have significant global impact and for which there are currently no effective treatments.


Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
The Phase 3 SUPPRESS Trial (NCT01769170) is fully enrolled. No therapy is currently approved for the prevention of CMV in hematopoietic cell transplant (HCT, also known as bone marrow transplant) recipients.
The SUSTAIN (NCT02439970) and SURPASS (NCT02439957) trials, initiated in October 2015, will explore the potential impact of brincidofovir on CMV virus infections among kidney transplant recipients—including the potential for improving graft function.
*Brincidofovir (BCV, CMX001) for Prevention of CMV in Solid Organ Transplant proceeded directly to Phase 3 clinical trials based on previous research on brincidofovir in HCT.
Adenovirus causes upper respiratory infections, including the common cold, in individuals with intact immune systems, but is often rapidly fatal in patients with compromised immune responses. The open-label AdVise Trial (NCT02087306), which is evaluating brincidofovir for the treatment of adenovirus infections in pediatric and adult patients, is fully enrolled. Chimerix is currently enrolling patients in Study 351 to provide patients with serious adenovirus infection or disease access to treatment with brincidofovir.
Chimerix is working with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) to develop brincidofovir (CMX001) as a medical countermeasure to treat potential smallpox outbreaks in the event of a bioterror attack or accidental release.